This page is about the dysphemism apologist


a person who defends someone or something that's often criticized

For example

  • The army's apologists say the hospital was bombed by mistake, but they bombed it on purpose.

  • Apologists for gun manufacturers often say: "People kill people, not guns".

This is a dysphemism that can be used instead of more neutral words like "spokesperson" or "representative". It's used by people who believe a spokesperson isn't telling the truth, or is distorting the truth, in order to defend the organization or person they are speaking on behalf of.

Quick Quiz

An apologist for corrupt politicians is someone who

a. wants them to apologize

b. says they aren't corrupt

c. is apologizing to them
a) wants them to apologize b) says they aren't corrupt c) is apologizing to them

Contributor: Matt Errey

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