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Australian English INFORMAL
This page is about the dysphemism bludger

Meaning: a person receiving unemployment benefits or welfare payments

For example:

  • Those bludgers on unemployment benefits could find work if they really wanted to.

  • How would you like being called a "bludger" if you were on the dole?

An informal British and Australian term for unemployment benefits is "the dole", and a very common dysphemism for people receiving unemployment benefits in Australia is "dole bludger". Similar dysphemisms include "slacker" and "parasite".

Variety: This is typically used in Australian English but may be used in other varieties of English too.

Quick Quiz:

Australians might call you a "bludger" if you

a. get help from the government

b. work in a low-paying job

c. have retired already

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Contributor: Matt Errey