This page is about the dysphemism do-gooder


a person who helps people or animals, like a charity worker or an animal rights activist

For example

  • Those Greenpeace do-gooders are trying to stop our dolphin hunt again.

  • Why do these do-gooders help people anyway? They don't even get paid!

This dysphemism is used to insult or disparage people who "do good" by helping other people or animals. Those who insult people by calling them "do-gooders" might do this because their interests are threatened in some way. For example, a factory owner who mistreats workers might call someone who teaches the workers about labour rights a "do-gooder".

Quick Quiz

If someone calls you a "do-gooder", they're

a. insulting you

b. praising you

c. helping you
a) insulting you b) praising you c) helping you

Contributor: Matt Errey

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