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as soon as possible | asap

This page is about the idiom as soon as possible | asap

Meaning: If you do something as soon as possible (sometimes abbreviated to "asap"), you do it at the first possible opportunity.

For example:

  • She said she'll be here as soon as possible, so there's no point calling her again. She's coming as quickly as she can.

  • I'm in a meeting now, but I'll call you back asap.

This phrase is sometimes abbreviated to "asap". It can be written as such, or in conversation it can be pronounced as a two-syllable word "a-sap", or the letters can be pronounced separately as "a-s-a-p".

Quick Quiz:

Teddy says he'll write the report as soon as possible, so he'll do it

a. when he feels like it

b. the first chance he gets

c. after he's had a few days off

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