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as soon as possible | asap

This page is about the idiom as soon as possible | asap


If you do something as soon as possible (sometimes abbreviated to "asap"), you do it at the first possible opportunity.

For example

  • She said she'll be here as soon as possible, so there's no point calling her again. She's coming as quickly as she can.

  • I'm in a meeting now, but I'll call you back asap.

This phrase is sometimes abbreviated to "asap". It can be written as such, or in conversation it can be pronounced as a two-syllable word "a-sap", or the letters can be pronounced separately as "a-s-a-p".

Quick Quiz

Teddy says he'll write the report as soon as possible, so he'll do it

a. when he feels like it

b. the first chance he gets

c. after he's had a few days off

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