a night owl

This page is about the idiom a night owl


You're a night owl if you like to stay up and do things late at night.

For example

  • She's always been a night owl. Even when she was a student she'd study late at night and get up as late as possible the next day.

  • I don't know why I'm a night owl. I just seem more alert at night, and even if I go to bed early I can't get to sleep till about 3 in the morning.

Origin: Metaphorical idiom related to the fact that owls are nocturnal birds that are active at night.

Quick Quiz

Cassandra is a night owl, so she doesn't usually get up until about

a. 11 a.m.

b. 11 p.m.

c. 7 a.m.
a) 11 a.m. b) 11 p.m. c) 7 a.m.

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Contributor: Matt Errey