a queer fish

This page is about the idiom a queer fish


If someone's a queer fish, they are a bit strange and can sometimes behave in an unusual way.

For example

  • Your great grandfather was a queer fish, Johnny. He used to write funny poems and then he'd read them aloud to everyone on the train on his way to work.

  • Some of the characters described as "queer fish" in old novels might be called "weirdos" these days.

This is a very old-fashioned idiom. You might hear it in old movies, or read it in old novels, or you might even hear elderly people using it, but you probably shouldn't try using it yourself.

Quick Quiz

People used to say Uncle Charlie was a queer fish because he

a. talked to himself

b. didn't like fishing

c. loved swimming
a) talked to himself b) didn't like fishing c) loved swimming

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Contributor: Matt Errey