wear your heart on your sleeve

This page is about the idiom wear your heart on your sleeve


If you wear your heart on your sleeve, you show your emotions openly and you don't try to hide your feelings.

For example

  • Ivan is one of those tennis players that spectators love to watch because they always wear their heart on their sleeve.

  • You'll never be a good card player if you wear your heart on your sleeve. Other players can tell if your cards are good or not by watching your reactions when you get them.

Origin: This idiom first appeared, as far as we know, in a play called Othello, written in 1604 by the English playwright William Shakespeare. In this scene, cunning Iago decides to act as if he's "wearing his heart on his sleeve" in order to seem open, honest and faithful: For when my outward action doth demonstrate | The native act and figure of my heart | In compliment extern, 'tis not long after | But I will wear my heart upon my sleeve | For daws to peck at: I am not what I am. ||

Quick Quiz

Benny always wears his heart on his sleeve, so it'll be easy to know

a. what he's wearing

b. what he's feeling

c. what he's hiding
a) what he's wearing b) what he's feeling c) what he's hiding
wear your heart on your sleeve

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