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go down a treat

This page is about the idiom go down a treat

British English


If something goes down a treat, it's a great success and everyone enjoys it.

For example

  • The speech Lenny made at his daughter's wedding went down a treat. Everyone thought it was very funny but also very moving.

  • Geraldine made some pancakes for breakfast and they went down a treat. They were really delicious.


This idiom is typically used in British English but may be used in other varieties of English too.

Quick Quiz

The band came back on stage and played one last song and it went down a treat. Everybody

a. booed and hissed

b. clapped and cheered

c. yawned and nodded off
a) booed and hissed b) clapped and cheered c) yawned and nodded off
go down a treat

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Contributor: Matt Errey