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a knight in shining armour | armor

This page is about the idiom a knight in shining armour | armor.

Meaning: If someone is a knight in shining armour, they help you when you are in a difficult situation.

For example:

  • Jason was my knight in shining armour. He brought food and newspapers every day until I got better.

  • People thought the new president was a knight in shining armour, but they soon found out he was just another politician.

Note: "Armour" is British spelling and "armor" is American spelling. Both spellings are used in Australia.

Quick Quiz:

My car broke down and I was stuck on the side of the road until a knight in shining armour came and

a. took me away on the back of his horse

b. told me all about dungeons and dragons

c. fixed my car for me

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