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dig your heels in

This page is about the idiom dig your heels in


If you dig your heels in, you stubbornly resist something or refuse to change.

For example

  • Even though the developer offered them more than their houses were worth, the owners dug their heels in and refused to sell up and make way for the office block.

  • When their record company told the band to change their style and make more commercial music, the band dug their heels in and refused to change.

Origin: Probably related to the fact that if a person or an animal resists being pulled forward, the body will lean backwards and the heels will dig into the ground as the legs resist the forward motion.

Quick Quiz

When her children wanted to move her into an old folk's home, Edith dug her heels in and

a. agreed to go

b. started gardening

c. refused to go
a) agreed to go b) started gardening c) refused to go

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Contributor: Matt Errey

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