Just my luck!

This page is about the idiom Just my luck!


You can say "Just my luck!" when something goes wrong for you, or when something inconvenient happens.

For example

  • Just as Leon got to the park for his run, it started to rain. "Just my luck!" he said.

  • A police car behind him started wailing and flashing its lights. After a lop-sided smile and a quick look to the heavens, Kenny said, "Just my luck!"

You can use this idiom as an ironic, and mildly humorous, comment on one's general lack of good fortune. It's not usually used when something seriously bad happens.

Quick Quiz

Jeremy smiled and said "Just my luck!" when the traffic lights

a. turned red and he had to stop

b. turned green and he started to go

c. malfunctioned and caused a huge accident

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