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lead you astray

This page is about the idiom lead you astray


If someone leads you astray, they set a bad example and you behave badly also, or they encourage you to do the wrong thing.

For example

  • We're worried about our teenage son because he's at that age when he could easily be led astray by kids he thinks are cool and who could expose him to drugs or alcohol or other bad stuff.

  • Carlos says advertisements lead millions of people astray and make them waste their lives chasing after material possessions in the false belief that they can't possibly be happy unless they get these things.

Quick Quiz

The school board doesn't want a bowling alley built near the school because they say the students could be led astray by

a. people who love bowling

b. the owners of the bowling alley

c. unemployed kids who go there during the day
a) people who love bowling b) the owners of the bowling alley c) unemployed kids who go there during the day
lead you astray

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Contributor: Matt Errey