Mind your own business!

This page is about the idiom Mind your own business!



If you say "Mind your own business!" to someone, you're telling them to stop interfering in things that don't concern them, or to stop asking personal questions.

For example

  • He got sick of her asking him about his private life so he snapped, "Mind your own business!"

  • Someone asked me how much money I earn and I told him to mind his own business.

Saying "Mind your own business!" to someone can sound quite aggressive, so be careful who you say it to. A more polite thing to say if you'd prefer not to answer a personal question is "Sorry, but I'd rather not say."

Quick Quiz

Julie told Mark to mind his own business after he'd asked her

a. how many boyfriends she'd had

b. if she'd like to see a movie

c. where the nearest bank was

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