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a voice (crying) in the wilderness

This page is about the idiom a voice (crying) in the wilderness

Meaning: You're a voice in the wilderness, or a voice crying in the wilderness, if you're expressing an unpopular opinion or insight.

For example:

  • When Galileo stated that the sun was the centre of the solar system, he was a voice crying in the wilderness. Most people thought he was crazy or evil, or possibly both.

  • Clara says petrol engines should be banned because of the damage they cause to the environment. She says most people laugh when she says this, and she feels like a voice in the wilderness.

Quick Quiz:

Ken says he feels like a voice crying in the wilderness because

a. he likes the sounds of wild animals

b. he hurt his leg while hiking in the forest

c. nobody seems to support his opinions

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Contributor: Matt Errey