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Everything's coming up roses.

This page is about the idiom Everything's coming up roses.


you can say "everything's coming up roses" if everything is turning out very well for someone or for something.

For example

  • Everything's coming up roses this year. Our business is doing well, our son Brett got into college, and Josie's had her first baby - so we're grandparents as well!

  • It looks like everything's coming up roses for Manchester United this year. They've won the Premiership, the Carling Cup, and now they're in the Euro Cup final as well!

Quick Quiz

"Wow, everything really is coming up roses for us this month" said Bobby after he and his wife had

a. checked their flower garden

b. checked their plumbing

c. checked their investments
a) checked their flower garden b) checked their plumbing c) checked their investments

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Contributor: Matt Errey