quite a bit of | quite a lot of

This page is about the idiom quite a bit of | quite a lot of


If you've got quite a bit of something, or quite a lot of something, you have a fairly large amount of it.

For example

  • George made quite a bit of money in his first business, but instead of retiring young, he went on to make quite a lot more.

  • If you want to learn to play the piano, you'll need to spend quite a lot of money on lessons, and spend quite a bit of time practising.

"Quite of bit of" can only used with uncountable nouns like money or time, while "quite a lot of" can be used with uncountable nouns as well as countable nouns, such as shirts or friends.

Quick Quiz

Bill made quite a bit of money before he was thirty years old, and he was

a. fairly poor

b. quite wealthy

c. extremely rich

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