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hang in there | hang on in there

This page is about the idiom hang in there | hang on in there



You can tell someone to hang in there, or hang on in there, if they're in a difficult situation and you want to encourage them, or tell them not to give up.

For example

  • Giving up cigarettes is really hard, but it gets easier as each day passes, so hang in there and you'll soon feel better.

  • I was exhausted, and I really wanted to quit, but I told myself to hang on in there and finish the race.

Quick Quiz

My friends all called and told me to hang in there after I'd

a. left for my honeymoon

b. decided to go sky-diving

c. broken my leg in an accident
a) left for my honeymoon b) decided to go sky-diving c) broken my leg in an accident

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Contributor: Matt Errey