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make a song and dance about something

British English
This page is about the idiom make a song and dance about something.

Meaning: If you make a song and dance about something, you make a big deal out of, or a fuss over, something that isn't very important.

For example:

  • Why are people making such a song and dance about the fact that the health minister used to smoke cigarettes? You'd think he'd worshipped the devil from the way they're carrying on about it!

  • Carol thinks people should be angry about the injustices in the world, but instead they make a song and dance about things like the high price of bananas.

Variety: This idiom is typically used in British English but may be used in other varieties of English too.

Quick Quiz:

The staff in our company are making a song and dance about

a. how bored their receptionist seems

b. how short the new security guard is

c. how bad the coffee in the canteen is

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