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jump through hoops | go through hoops

This page is about the idiom jump through hoops | go through hoops

Meaning: You can say you had to "jump through hoops" or "go through hoops" if you had to complete a lot of tasks before being permitted to do something.

For example:

  • The insurance company made me jump through hoops before they'd give me a health insurance policy. I had to do medical tests, questionnaires, interviews - you name it!

  • The defence department makes you go through hoops before they give you clearance to work in one of their special sections.

Origin: Probably related to the fact that trained circus animals jump through hoops to please their trainers.

Quick Quiz:

You'll have to jump through hoops before you'll be allowed to

a. join the circus

b. buy a motorbike

c. adopt a baby

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