see through rose-coloured glasses | rose-colored glasses

Meaning: If someone sees things through rose-coloured glasses, they see things as being better than they really are.

For example:

  • Tina sees things through rose-coloured glasses, so when things aren't going very well, she won't do anything to improve the situation.

  • If you have the courage and maturity to see things as they really are, you'll no longer need to see things through rose-colored glasses.

Note: 1. "Rose-coloured glasses" is British spelling and "rose-colored glasses" is American spelling. 2. This idiom can also be expressed as "see through rose-tinted glasses" or "see through rose-tinted spectacles".

Quick Quiz:

If someone sees through rose-coloured glasses, they don't see

a. the unpleasant side of things

b. the funny side of things

c. the bright side of life

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