worth your while

This page is about the idiom worth your while


If something is worth your while, the benefits to you of doing it are greater than the value of the time or effort that it requires.

For example

  • It's not worth my while doing this job. It takes me two hours to get there and two hours to get home, and it doesn't even pay very well.

  • Bill: "How can it be worth your while building a website if you won't be making money from it?" John: "Why does something have to be about making money to be worth one's while?"

You can also say "worth my while", "worth his while", "worth her while", "worth their while", "worth our while", and so on.

Quick Quiz

Sue says it'll be worth her while going to Cambodia to teach homeless children new work skills because

a. she's happy when she's helping people

b. she won't have to pay them to work

c. they'll give her their wages when they get jobs

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