You're only young once.

This page is about the idiom You're only young once.


You can say "you're only young once" when you're trying to persuade someone, or yourself, to do something while you're still young enough to do it.

For example

  • Jules was trying to talk me into backpacking through Africa with her when she said, "Come on! You're only young once!"

  • I invited my ninety-year-old grandfather to come fishing with us and he smiled and said, "Oh, why not. You're only young once."

This phrase is more of a cliche than an idiom, but it's still useful for learners to know.

Quick Quiz

I said, "Well, OK. You're only young once," after Rajiv had said,

a. "Good morning."

b. "Would you like to try kite-surfing?"

c. "Do you fancy a cup of tea?"

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