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You're telling me!

This page is about the idiom You're telling me!


You can say "You're telling me!" when you strongly agree with what someone has said.

For example

  • Zappa: "Wow! It sure is cold today!" Iggy: "You're telling me, Zappa! It's freezing!"

  • I went to see a musical with my friend Marcus and we hated it. All I could say after it was, "My God! That was awful!" And all Marcus could say was,"You're telling me! It was terrible!"

Quick Quiz

My wife looked at me and said "You're telling me!" after I'd said

a. "What time is it?"

b. "It's Monday today."

c. "The kids were naughty today."
a) "What time is it?" b) "It's Monday today." c) "The kids were naughty today."

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Contributor: Matt Errey