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This page is about the eponym Jacuzzi


a small indoor or outdoor whirlpool with massaging jets; a hot tub

For example

  • Let's get a hotel suite with a Jacuzzi.

  • After we went skiing, we relaxed in the Jacuzzi.

The word Jacuzzi is a registered trademark, but it is considered a household word and is sometimes not capitalized.

Origin: Candido Jacuzzi (1903-1986) was an Italian inventor who moved to the USA. When his young son was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, Jacuzzi invented a pump that could be used in a bathtub for hydrotherapy. He put the pump on the market and Jacuzzi tubs became popular in health centres and spas.

Quick Quiz

How does it feel inside a Jacuzzi?

a. cool and icy

b. rather stressful

c. hot and relaxing

Contributor: Tara Benwell