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This page is about the eponym casanova


a man who easily charms and seduces women; a womanizer

For example

  • Watch out for the casanova to your right. He's been buying drinks for ladies all night.

  • I thought he loved me, but he turned out to be a casanova.

Origin: Giacomo Casanova (1725-1798) was an Italian author, adventurer and socialite who had the reputation of being a womanizer. He was interested in casual relationships, and wrote about his affairs with many women.

Quick Quiz

Which of the following best describes a casanova?

a. John was married once, but he got divorced. Now he is married for a second time.

b. Jason buys women expensive jewellery, takes them dancing and then brings them home for a one-night stand.

c. Alex is very nervous around attractive women until he gets to know them well.

Contributor: Tara Benwell