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This page is about the eponym chauvinist


a person (usually male) with an exaggerated devotion towards a gender, person or group; a person with excessive patriotism

For example

  • My uncle is a male chauvinist who thinks the only thing women are good for is cooking and cleaning.

  • The athletes' allegiance to their country is beyond patriotism. I'd consider it chauvinism.

In the 20th century, the term "male chauvinism" became synonymous with chauvinism. Using the word "chauvinist" to refer to a person who showed devotion to a person or country, rather than a gender, fell out of regular usage.

Origin: Nicolas Chauvin was a legendary - probably fictitious - 19th-century French soldier serving under Napoleon Bonaparte. Because of his apparent deep devotion to his country and leader, he was laughed at for exaggerated patriotism.

Quick Quiz

Which is characteristic of a male chauvinist?

a. He only wants male staff on his marketing team.

b. She prefers socializing with women than men.

c. He sings the national anthem with pride.

Contributor: Tara Benwell