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graham cracker

This page is about the eponym graham cracker

Meaning: a light, square-shaped baked cookie that is often today sweetened with honey

For example:

  • Line the bottom of the pan with graham crackers.

  • We'll need graham crackers to make s'mores at camp.

Origin: Sylvester Graham was a New Jersey minister (1794-1851) who invented graham bread (1829), which had no additives. At the time, additives were used to make bread white. Reverend Graham preached about healthy eating and vegetarianism as a way of preventing sexual urges. He rejected meat and animal byproducts. Graham crackers were originally a bland snack made from graham flour. Today they are usually sweetened and made with the enriched flour that Graham was against.

Quick Quiz:

What shape are graham crackers?

a. square

b. round

c. triangular

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Contributor: Tara Benwell