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This page is about the noun "quantity", which can be both countable and uncountable

quantity → uncountable

Meaning: the amount of something

Example sentence: Economists mention both quality and quantity when they talk about the cost of production.

quantity → countable

Meaning: a particular amount of something or number of things

Example sentence: The police raided several homes and found various quantities of illegal drugs.

Note: (for advanced students) When used as an uncountable noun, "quantity" usually refers to an abstract concept, esp. in economics or engineering, but when used as a countable noun, it usually refers to a particular amount of a concrete substance, or a particular number of concrete objects.

Quick Quiz:

In which sentence is the word "quantity" uncountable?

a. In manufacturing, quantity greatly affects the cost of production.

b. When larger quantities are manufactured, production cost per unit falls.

Contributor: Matt Errey