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dying for

This page is about the phrasal verb dying for


If you're dying for something, you really feel like it or you want it very much.

For example

  • dying for sth I'm dying for a cup of tea. Let's have a break and I'll make one.

  • dying for sth After working non-stop for a month, Charles said he was dying for a day off so he could stay home and do nothing.

This phrasal verb is always used in the progressive or continuous tense. For example, we cannot say "I always die for a cup of tea in the afternoon." We have to say "I'm always dying for a cup of tea in the afternoon." And we cannot say "I died to see you." We have to say "I was dying to see you."

Quick Quiz

Sally says she's dying for a massage. She

a. hates being massaged

b. will die unless she's massaged

c. really wants a massage

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