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fall out (2)

This page is about the phrasal verb fall out (2)



If you and a friend fall out, you are no longer friendly because of a disagreement or a problem you've had.

For example

  • fall out over sth/sb Sayoko and Hiroko fell out over a boy they both liked, and now they aren't speaking to one another.

  • fall out with sb I fell out with my parents after I told them I was gay. They couldn't accept it.

Nouns often used as subjects with fall out (2): friends, relatives, partners, colleagues, lovers

The noun "falling-out" comes from this phrasal verb. A "falling-out" occurs when friends, colleagues or family members have a disagreement or a misunderstanding over something, and their relationship is in danger of ending. For example, "They had a falling-out over their mother's will after she died."

Quick Quiz

If two friends have fallen out over something, they are probably

a. very clumsy

b. not talking to each other

c. looking for it

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