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name after

This page is about the phrasal verb name after

British and Australian English


If you name somebody after someone else, you give them the same name.


name for (American)

For example

  • name sb/sth after sb/sth When Bill and Jenny named their son after the revolutionary fighter Che Guevara, their parents thought they were crazy. But now they like the name "Che".

  • sb/sth will be named after sb/sth Manchester United's new stadium will be named after their long-serving manager. It'll be called the Alex Ferguson Stadium.

"Name for" is the American equivalent.


This is typically used in British and Australian English but may be used in other varieties of English too.

Quick Quiz

Clair and Ben named their daughter after Clair's grandmother Grace, so they are both called

a. Clair

b. Grace

c. Granny

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