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Phrasal Verbs

nose around

This page is about the phrasal verb nose around


If someone is nosing around, they're looking around in order to find information about something.


nose about (British), poke around (informal)

For example

  • nose around sth Tax inspectors are nosing around our office and checking our accounts, looking for any mistakes or problems.

  • be nosing around Celebrities have to be careful about what they say or do in public. Reporters are always nosing around, hoping to get a sensational story about one of them.

This phrasal verb has a negative connotation, and it implies that whoever is "nosing around" is not liked or respected much by those who they are trying to get information on.

Quick Quiz

Some health inspectors came to our restaurant yesterday, and they were nosing around the kitchen looking for

a. new recipes

b. violations of health regulations

c. something to eat

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