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put down (2)

This page is about the phrasal verb put down (2)


to put a sick or injured animal to death, usually by lethal injection


put to sleep

For example

  • put sth down Tottie was very old and very sick, so we told the vet to put her down.

  • put down sth Putting down family pets is one of the most difficult parts of my job as a vet.

  • have sth put down If a horse breaks a leg, sometimes the kindest thing to do is to have it put down.

"Put down" is one of several euphemisms for putting an animal to death. Others are "lay down", "put to sleep" and "put out of its/his/her misery".

Quick Quiz

If a pet needs to be put down and you can't afford to pay a vet, you should take it to

a. a pet shop

b. a petting zoo

c. an animal shelter

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