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Phrasal Verbs

put forward (2)

This page is about the phrasal verb put forward (2)

Meaning: to change the date or time of an event, an appointment, a meeting, etc. so that it happens earlier than originally planned

Synonym: bring forward

For example:

  • put forward sth Do you mind if we put forward the starting time an hour, and make it 9 o'clock instead of 10?

  • put sth forward Uncle Roger has to go to Japan in April, so we've put our wedding forward a couple of weeks so he can come.

Nouns often used as objects with put forward (2): date, time, starting time, appointment, meeting, conference, deadline

Quick Quiz:

The date of the conference has been put forward a week. It was going to be on March 23, but now it'll be on

a. March 16

b. March 30

c. April 16

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