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Phrasal Verbs

put off

This page is about the phrasal verb put off

Meaning: If you put something off, you change the time it's meant to happen to a later time or date.

Synonym: postpone (formal)

For example:

  • put sth off If it's too hot to play the final game today, they'll put it off until tomorrow.

  • be put off We went to the meeting, but no-one was there. It had been put off until the following day, but no-one had told us!

  • put off doing sth We'll have to put off opening the new office because the builders are taking so long to finish it.

Nouns often used as objects with put off: meeting, concert, game, event, opening

Quick Quiz:

The concert has been put off

a. until a later date

b. for a cheaper price

c. to a better concert hall

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