Phrasal Verbs

wind up (2)

This page is about the phrasal verb wind up (2)


to end something like a meeting, a lecture or a discussion


wind down, finish

For example

  • wind sth up People were starting to yawn and look at their watches, so I knew it was time to wind the meeting up.

  • wind up sth The judge decided it was time to go home so he told the lawyers to wind up the day's proceedings.

Nouns often used as objects with wind up (2): meeting, show, concert, performance, debate, discussion, lecture

"wind" is pronounced as in "wind the clock", not as in "the wind blew"

Quick Quiz

The leader of the band gave a signal that meant it was time to wind up the concert, so the musicians knew that this would be

a. the first song

b. the last song

c. the best song

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