7 Continents

There are 7 continents.*

The word "continent" comes from the Latin "terra continens", meaning "continuous land".

Seven Continents

Like countries, continents are proper nouns. That means they are "names" and the first letter must be a CAPITAL letter. Even for the adjective, the first letter is always a capital:

Continent: Africa
Adjective: African
Person: an African

Continent: Asia
Adjective: Asian
Person: an Asian

Continent: Australia
Adjective: Australian
Person: an Australian

Continent: Europe
Adjective: European
Person: a European

Continent: North America
Adjective: North American
Person: a North American

Continent: South America
Adjective: South American
Person: a South American

Continent: Antarctica
Adjective: Antarctic
Person: -

Isn't it strange? We have a word for somebody who comes from the planet Mars (a Martian), but there is no word for somebody who comes from Antarctica!

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*The English-speaking countries mostly teach the seven-continent model. However, six-, five-, four- and even three-continent models are also taught in some countries.

Contributor: Josef Essberger