7 Homophones

Different spelling - same sound

Many words in English have different spellings but are pronounced exactly the same. These words are called "homophones".

Here are 7 homophone examples:

  1. sea, see

  2. for, four

  3. hear, here

  4. one, won

  5. knight, night

  6. him, hymn

  7. to, too, two

What can we learn from all this? We can learn that the sound of a word is more important than the spelling. English is not "phonetic". That means that the spelling and the sound do not always match.

Of course, it is good to spell correctly. But to help you understand spoken English and many rules of English, you should think first about the sound of the words. Do not worry too much at first about the spelling.

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Contributor: Josef Essberger