7 Teens

What's a "teen", or a "teenager"? People sometimes talk about "teenagers" when they really mean "young people". For example, you might read: "This is a club for teenagers from 12 to 16."

Time to get accurate. Someone who is twelve years old is not a teenager. Someone who is thirTEEN years old is a teenager.

How old is a teenager? A TEENager is:

13 thirTEEN
14 fourTEEN
15 fifTEEN
16 sixTEEN
17 sevenTEEN
18 eighTEEN
19 nineTEEN

Note the following:

They are in their teens. (They are aged 13 to 19.)
They are in their late teens. (eg They are aged 17 to 19.)
- early teens
- mid teens

a teen idol - an idol for teenagers

a teenybopper - a young teenager (especially girl), who follows the latest fashions in music and clothes

a preteen - a person aged 10 to 12

Contributor: Josef Essberger