"Yes, I'd like a bulletproof vest."

On 30 March 1960, in Draper, Utah, USA, condemned murderer James W. Rodgers was preparing to be shot to death by firing squad. When asked, as is customary, if he had a last request, he replied: "Yes, I'd like a bulletproof vest."

Time Magazine (18 April 1960)

James Rodges (-1960) American murderer

bullet (noun): small, metal projectile from a gun
bulletproof (adjective): designed to stop bullets
vest (noun): a piece of clothing like a tight-fitting shirt with no sleeves
bulletproof vest (noun): clothing designed to protect the wearer from bullets
condemn (verb): find guilty and sentence to punishment
murderer (noun): a person who has deliberately and unlawfully killed someone
firing squad (noun): team of men with guns
customary (adjective): normal, usual

Contributor: Josef Essberger