A good man is hard to find

This page is about the saying "A good man is hard to find"

Possible meaning:
This saying talks about the difficulties for women in finding a suitable male partner.

hard (adj.): difficult | American actress and sex symbol Mae West (1892-1980) famously misquoted this saying as: "A hard man is good to find."

Origin: This phrase was the title of the song A Good Man Is Hard To Find first sung in the USA in 1918:

A good man is hard to find
You always get another kind
Just when you think that he is your pal
You look an' find him fooling 'round some old gal...

Quick Quiz

If "a good man is hard to find", then there are probably

a. not many good men

b. no good men

c. too many good men
a) not many good men b) no good men c) too many good men

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Contributor: Josef Essberger