Barking dogs seldom bite

This page is about the saying "Barking dogs seldom bite"

Possible meaning:
Don't be afraid of dogs that bark or people that threaten you (say they will do something bad to you) - in both cases they rarely take action.

bark (verb): (of a dog) make a sharp, loud, explosive sound | seldom (adverb): rarely, almost never | bite (verb): (of an animal) use the teeth to attack and cut | This proverb is also found as: "Barking dogs never bite."

Quick Quiz

The proverb "Barking dogs seldom bite" suggests that people who say they are going to do something bad to us usually

a. sound like a dog barking

b. bite us

c. do nothing
a) sound like a dog barking b) bite us c) do nothing

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Contributor: Josef Essberger