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Zeal, when it is a virtue, is a dangerous one

This page is about the saying "Zeal, when it is a virtue, is a dangerous one"

Possible interpretation:
According to this saying, "good zeal" cannot exist. It seems that zeal is inherently dangerous. When zeal is not a virtue, by definition it is not good. When zeal is a virtue, according to this saying it is dangerous, which is also not good. This saying relies heavily on paradox for its effect.

zeal (noun) = enormous energy or enthusiasm for a cause or an objective | virtue (noun) = quality regarded as morally good in a person

Quick Quiz:

If it is true that "zeal, when it is a virtue, is a dangerous one", then zeal must

a. be a good quality

b. be a bad quality

c. not exist

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Contributor: Josef Essberger