The Devil sometimes speaks the truth

This page is about the saying "The Devil sometimes speaks the truth"

Possible meaning:
1) Sometimes what Satan says is true, to make us more ready to believe his lies. 2) Don't believe everything at face value. Be aware that liars can use the truth to trick us.

Compare The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose

Shakespeare may be alluding to this proverb in Macbeth (c1604) when Banquo says: "What, can the devil speak true?"
devil (noun): (in Jewish and Christian belief, usually "the Devil") the chief evil spirit or Satan
truth (noun): what is factual; what is in accordance with reality

Quick Quiz

"The Devil sometimes speaks the truth" in order to

a. enlighten us

b. confuse us

c. look bad
a) enlighten us b) confuse us c) look bad

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Contributor: Josef Essberger