ugg boots | ugh boots

This page is about the slang term ugg boots | ugh boots

American and Australian English


soft sheepskin boots that originated in Australia

For example

  • I got my first pair of ugg boots back in the seventies when I was a teenage surfer.

  • Did you know that ugh boots have become popular in lots of countries outside Australia?

This word has been the subject of ongoing disputes over its registration as a trademark by an American company. Many Australian manufacturers joined together in 2006 to form the "Save our Aussie Icon" campaign to keep this slang Australian word free of trademark restrictions.


This is typically used in American and Australian English but may be used in other varieties of English too.

Quick Quiz

Ugg boots are made from

a. sheep skins

b. snake skins

c. chicken skins
a) sheep skins b) snake skins c) chicken skins

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