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This page is about the slang term cunt



1) vagina; female sexual organs 2) a very unpleasant or stupid person

For example

  • After Harry had left, Bill said, "Harry's such a cunt! He'd steal from his own mother if he had to!"

  • You stupid cunt!

This is THE MOST TABOO word in English and you should NEVER USE IT!!

Warning! This is very bad language. If you are a non-native speaker, you are advised not to use it. (You could cause resentment or anger if you use it inappropriately.)

Quick Quiz

If someone calls you a cunt, they probably want to

a. borrow money from you

b. make you happy

c. insult you
a) borrow money from you b) make you happy c) insult you

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Contributor: Matt Errey