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This page is about the slang term troll


someone who posts provocative messages on forums or message boards (n.) | to post provocative messages on forums or message boards (v.)

For example

  • We need someone to moderate the forum and delete messages from spammers, trolls and other online pests.

  • John says he doesn't understand why people go around trolling message boards and deliberately starting flame wars.

Origin: In its original meaning, a troll is a very ugly mythical creature that lives in caves and under bridges. The term was probably borrowed for the slang meaning given here because those who disrupt message boards are often loathed in cyberspace in the same way traditional trolls are loathed in myths and fairy tales.

Quick Quiz

A troll on online forums gets a thrill out of

a. sharing their experience

b. discussing issues

c. upsetting people and causing trouble

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