dump (1)

This page is about the slang term dump (1)


an uninteresting, unpleasant or unattractive place

For example

  • This town's a real dump. There's nothing to do and nowhere to go, and most young people want to get away as soon as they can.

  • Have you seen the dump that Barry's living in now? He says he can't afford anywhere better until he gets another job.

Origin: One of the non-slang meanings of "dump" is a special place for depositing garbage or rubbish (also called a "rubbish tip"). These places are usually smelly, messy and dirty, and the slang meaning of "dump" seems to have originated from the word being used metophorically to mean any place that's like a rubbish dump.

Quick Quiz

That bar we went to last night was a dump. It was

a. dirty and run-down

b. clean and well-decorated

c. full of interesting people

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