This page is about the slang term twink


a young man with boyish good looks

For example

  • There were a lot of cute twinks at the gay club last night.

  • Did you know that straight men call cute young girls "babes", and gay men call cute young guys "twinks"?

This word is common among gay men, though it may not be known at all by other people. If it's used outside gay circles, it probably won't be understood.

Origin: Possibly derived from a U.S. snack cake called a "Hostess Twinkie" which is "golden-colored, sweet and full of cream", a description which some claim also describes the typical gay image of a "twink".

Quick Quiz

Gay men call a guy a "twink" if he

a. is big and hairy

b. has a well-developed physique

c. is young and cute

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